It always is chaotic, sudden, irritable and restless in the process of IT maintenance. Facing a large number of desktop terminals, it is important for company to improve the usability and security of the IT resources and realize the effective management of these devices in order to develop at a high speed. Combining with more than 10 years of service experience for nearly hundreds of  well-known foreign companies, Topnew Info makes its desktop terminals service more normative, making sure companies' information safety. Through our Desktop & Application Management services,  Topnew Info can help you address challenges like these while also serving as the trusted advisor you need to take a more strategic approach to IT management. We offer a variety of support options via teams in the China Mainland, HongKong and APAC.

Desktop Management
Our flexible Desktop Management delivery models are designed to fit your budget and meet your fluctuating support needs. Services provide:
Platform support and triage
•Deliver desk-side support for incident, request and change management.
•Provide on-call 24x7 support for critical issues.
Antivirus management
•Monitor and plan for malware and other potential security threats.
•Verify all devices have the latest antivirus software and definitions.
•Enable auto-remediation for noncompliant systems.
•Implement advanced audit and verification services.
PC configuration life cycle management support and maintenance
•Provide application-level support for device management tools.
•Integrate platforms to enable event orchestration and automation.
VDI management (hosted virtual desktop management)
•Manage and support the VDI infrastructure, and maintain the image.
•Provision desktops.
•Monitor and maintain virtual session-based performance.
Application support
•Provide troubleshooting and other services to confirm desktop applications work properly.