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Fiber Access


Fiber Access to the internet means head end and users are connected over optical fiber.
There are many types of fiber access. The main types include fiber to the curb, fiber to the building, and fiber to the home (i.e. FTTC, FTTB, and FTTH)




Utilizing advanced Wireless LAN technology, WLAN is a extension and supplementation of bandwidth access. It includes wireless network card, a base station which can send and receive data like a mobile base station, and other access control equipments. Users only need to add one wireless network card, and install other related software, and then they can get access to the internet within the network covered area.




Utilizing Ethernet technology, we provide network access to residential areas. Using high speed switches at central nodes, we can provide to users FTTX and LAN (Fiber to the X +LAN) service. Users can get access to the high-speed network only with computer and network card.


Service Coverage


Our internet access covers the main office buildings in Beijing central business district, including Guomian Cultural Creativity Industry Garden, Fuhua Office Building, and Tongniu International Tower and etc.

Our advantages


Network Connectivity


Topnew Info data centers are directly linked to the major Internet backbones including China Unicom, China Telecom, China Tie Tong, and China Education via rich fiber connections. With our multi-gigabits bandwidth and BGP protocol, we solved router issues between backbone carriers at home and abroad, such as interconnection between China Unicom and China Telecom.
We use only top brand, high performance network equipments. For example, we have Cisco 7600 Series at network layer, and 4500 series at data link layer. We employ inclusive Gigabit fiber interconnection among equipments to prevent single point fault from happening.


Network Security


Gigabit-grade hardware firewall and IDS intrusion-detection are adopted:
•Anti-DDOS Hacking function
•Invasion detection function
•Loopholes detection function


Network Operation Center


Our Network Operation Center provides 24 x 7 continuous monitoring to all of clients’ servers. If any appointed ports can not be reached, the alarm system will automatically inform our technicians in different forms like bleeper, mobile phone, email and etc. Under clients’ authorization, we can also provide fault recovery operations for customer, including servers reboot, IP address reset and etc.


Service Team


We have a young service team full of practical experiences. Our senior technical engineers have accumulated abundant operating and service experiences to offer 24 x 7 services that ensure the stability and safety of your equipments.


Service Experience


We have accumulated abundant experience in providing service to renowned media enterprises such as Global Times and


Service Content


1. Carrier-class bandwidth resources
2. IP address allocating according to customer need
3. Double router redundant if need
4. 24 x 7 technical support
5. quick response in less than 10 minutes
6. Offering Fault Report within 2 hours after network failures
7. For planned network outage, we will notify customer 48 hours in advance
8. Providing traffic monitoring report if needed
9. One dedicated service personnel for each customer
10. Senior technicians to provide full range technical support
11. Two service feedback calls each month