Concept                                             Managed Public Cloud Services                    

As we all know, the traditional operating method of IDC is give each customer a fixed space which could only be the estimate of their needs. The shortage is that it is not able to fill with what exactly customer needs. Now along with the evolution of network application, the needs of storages, bandwidth and calculations are continually increased and become more complicated. The network infrastructure must be updated accordingly and the network management costs being rise up. To try to solve these problems, the IaaS infrastructure service platform being developed. With IaaS, the space could be distributed and used as needed, which reduced customers inputs on infrastructure. It can provide flexible auto distributed services for customers easy management. It can be high quality, more reliable, less cost and easy management.


IaaS is an infrastructure which resources could be get and preset as needed. With IaaS, customer can procure the resources of calculation or storage they need to download relevant applications from service providers. Customer only need to pay the part of resources they used and leave all the complicated management to IaaS providers.
Topnew IaaS form is set up for the users who want to use IaaS cloud with comprehensive solutions. Topnew IaaS is constructed with full scales operation management system to meet the business requirements. With infrastructure managements, optimize operation processes, Topnew can meet the SLA they promises and may provide operational special service of task level, service level and flow level.

Business Mode

Elastic Compute service
cloud storage
cloud hosting
cloud server
public private cloud setting up

Why us

Operational & Elaborate Management, Distribute as needs.
Up raise the controllability, practicability and flexibility of IDC and Desktop constructions.
Virtualization, Automation, flexible, easy deployment, quick response